Why You Need RV Insurance- A First Hand Account

Every new RV owner knows they need insurance, but most have no idea what to do next. Here’s how I know.

Lately, I’ve heard a lot about RV insurance and not because I was looking. I have heard a lot about insurance because everywhere I look there are accidents and mishaps in the RV community. Here are just a few of the things I have been privy to this week.

  1. A nearly new Fleetwood pulled into our resort with the owners in total emotional meltdown. It didn’t take long to understand why. During their trip to Yuma, their tow car had accidentally detached from their tow bar and hit the back of their rig along with their bumper mounted motorcycle. How did it look? Picture: The front of the vehicle crushed, the Harley banged up, and the back of the Fleetwood looked like it had lost a high-speed battle. Here’s the worst part: this was the second time this had happened in three months. That’s right! Their insurance company had already had one claim this season, and here they had to call in another one for the same thing!

  2. An RV owner parked his rig in a beautiful resort site for the five months of winter. During the second month of his stay, a wind storm came up and dropped a palm tree on his awning and roof. There goes the relaxing snowbird vacation! He spent the next few weeks sorting out this issue because his insurance coverage did not include damage to RV awning.

  3. A Jayco fifth wheel limped into the RV park after a run in with a telephone pole. The driver, in a hurry to back out, missed seeing the pole and lodged it firmly in the side of his home on wheels. Now the water tank leaked, the frame was bent, and the roof had a hole. The worst part? The fifth wheel was the couple's full-time home. Where would they and their pets will stay while the RV was worked on?

  4. The owners of a StoneRidge fifth wheel recently called their insurance on a total water heater fail. The water heater not only failed, but it leaked, causing severe water damage throughout the lower compartments of the rig. The cause? It turned out the StoneRidge had a recalled water heating unit that splits at the seams.

Each of these four situations is true. Each of these owners has RV insurance. Each of them will experience a different outcome. Some of the owners will find that their insurance does not cover their tow vehicle while others may conclude that their deductible is far higher than they had expected. The driver of the fifth wheel may discover that while his frame is covered by insurance, his awning is not. In addition to the general repairs, there are concerns about lodging. Where will the full-time RVers live while their rig is in the shop? What happens if the repair takes longer than expected? Where will they have to travel to get the needed repairs?

The truth is most RV owners, including myself, find themselves ill prepared for accident, injury or liability even with insurance. In most cases, insuring your rig with your local automobile and home agent won’t cut it. They just don’t know enough about the industry to make sure you get the coverage you need.

RVInsurance.com focuses solely on insurance and education within the industry. Their agents are highly trained and specialize in life in a recreational vehicle. One of the things I appreciate about RVInsurance.com is their ability to work with agencies far and wide. They can price things out across the entire insurance market and get you the best price and coverage available in a hurry. They also offer excellent follow up if you ever need help!

After witnessing these RV dilemma's, I set aside time to check my insurance policy and ask RVInsurance.com to double check my coverage just in case of emergency. This simple step can save you a ton of hassle down the road.

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