Why We Bought A Newell

Warning: This article will not tell you which RV is right for you. It is simply intended to tell you why my husband and I made the choice we did before we started RVing.

We started looking for an RV in June of 2014. That’s not to say that we had never looked before, but by June of 2014 we were finally serious. Our first step was to get online and see what types of things were out there. We asked ourselves the following questions:

What was important to us? Washer/Dryer, Full size fridge, solid build, Diesel, nice interior, feels like a home.

What did we want to avoid? Out of date interiors, gas engines, too small of living space, flimsy trailer- like feel.

What was our budget? $125,0000

What did he want? A fifth wheel because it was easy to get a truck worked on.

What did she want? A Motorhome because it felt more “homey” and it would be easier for the animals to travel with us.

What was important to both of us? Solid build since we would be living in it. Something that didn’t look like it was built for my grandparents.

With these priorities in hand, we began to search the internet. A great resource is RVT.com, which allows you to search a variety of styles, prices and models of RV’s without ever leaving your home.

We made a list of 10 or so units that looked interesting and then tried to locate similar new or used models in our surrounding area. This proved difficult because we lived in a remote area of Kansas so we traveled to Texas and explored large RV lots.

We loved visiting MSHRV because they give you a golf cart and let you roam. We spent two days looking at new and used rigs. We learned what we liked, didn’t like and discovered a lot of questions we needed to ask in the future.

Then it was back to the internet. By now our list had changed and we felt like we were starting all over again. We read RV forums and learned what people liked and didn’t like about their rigs.

Just when we thought we had found the toy hauler fifth wheel for our new life, everything changed. The sale of our house fell through and we were forced to lower our budget to a mere $75,000. While $75,000 sounds like a lot of money, it doesn’t buy much when you are looking at anything of good quality.

We were discouraged and we started back at square one.

Just then we saw an ad online for a 1996 Newell coach. At first, we dismissed the idea of buying anything that old with 130,000 miles on it. Our goal had been to buy something no older than 2005 with 40,000 miles or less on it. Yet, the more we looked at the photos, the more we realized we were trying to compare apples and oranges.

While a traditional Fleetwood or Winnebago might sell for $400,000 new, a Newell Coach started at $1.5 million and was custom built. A traditional Motorhome was built for 100,000 miles. A Newell Coach is often referred to as a million mile bus.

We took a few steps back and rethought the process.

It’s good looking outside the box. Had the sale of our house not fallen through we would have never considered a Newell. Today, we travel in style. Our Newell Coach is 19 years old but most people think it’s new. It has granite floors, Corian counters and a beautiful timeless interior.

Ok, I didn’t get my washer/dryer in this unit, but everything else we wanted is here at an incredible value. Newell’s are built like bricks. SOLID. There is very little road noise when we travel. They are rarely moved buy the wind. The drawers are as solid now as the day they were built. Honestly, I would put our 19 year old coaches up against any other Motorhome when it comes to quality.

So, would I recommend buying a used Newell to others? You bet. Newell coaches are few and far between, but they are oh so worth the search! Newell Coach continues to service their rigs out of Miami, Oklahoma and has some of the best technicians in the industry. We love the company. They truly care about their people and they love all their rigs both old and new!

If you’d like to discover more about motor coaches like Newell visit www.NewellGurus.com.

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