What to Expect When Living In An RV

If living in an RV and traveling the road is your ultimate dream, then this article is for you! Living in an RV is like living in a stick and brick home, except for just about everything. Here is my ultimate, "I wish I had known that" list. It should accelerate your learning curve and help you adapt without all the hassle.

1. Repair Is Care

When you live in a traditional home, you can often let repairs slide. You need the house painted and the faucet leaks, but no big deal, right? In an RV, upkeep is essential and you cannot let it slide. An RV is a tiny house on wheels and every component feeds another component. Let one thing go, and it may affect other parts of your rig.

If you have a leaky faucet in an RV, it can quickly drain your water tanks. If your battery goes dead, it may reset a variety of battery operated functions in the engine and in the home. The truth is RV living requires continual repair and care. Don’t let it slide.

2. Tiny Takes Time

For some people, living small is instant and easy, but for most it takes time. Living small means only owning items that can be used in a variety of ways. I have a portable mini-cooker. I can sauté, bake, grill and boil in it. It’s just one appliance, but it saves a ton of kitchen space. RVI RV Interior

A key question in tiny living is “do you love it?” You can only hold onto things you have a passion for. If you don’t really like it, why are you carting it around? You need the space. In my past life, I owned a bunch of sweaters that I rarely wore. Now I own two and I love them both and am happy to wear them. The same goes for shoes.

Whatever you own must have a purpose. When you buy something new, you have to get rid of something old. This adjustment can take time. There will be days that you hate living small. Expect it and move on!

3. Don’t Skimp

Cheap parts are cheap for a reason. Always buy the highest quality RV parts you can afford. Remember, your rig experiences an all day earthquake every time you hit the road. Every part of the rig shakes, rattles and rolls. Is it any wonder that things wear out? Avoid the cheap fix. Do the repair the right way the first time. If you can’t repair your own rig, look for a qualified company and be sure to check references.

There are more RVers today than ever before; unfortunately, there are very few RV repair people. Getting your rig worked on can take time, so be sure to use that time wisely and do as much as your budget will allow.

Tires are a huge issue on an RV. Remember, this rubber is carrying your house. Tires should never be skimped on. Blowouts can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

4. Look Down The Road

While many people promote the RV life as a carefree, kick up your RVI What to Expect When Living in an RVheels experience, I find it best to prepare. Know where you are headed on the map and be aware of what truck stops are available along your journey.

If you plan to Boondock, where will it be? Are you sure your rig will fit? Are your tanks full or empty? Will you need to find a septic dump station before you camp? If so, where is the closest one and how easy is it to access?

If you plan to stay at an RV park, check the reviews. Do people find it big rig friendly? If so, how long are the spots? Are they tight or easy to maneuver into?

Thinking through your entire day will help you avoid stress on the journey.

5. Insurance Is Your Friend

RV insurance is an important part of living on the road. What most companies fail to tell you is traditional coverage does not cover full-time RV living. You may also find that your awnings, generator and other outside “features” are completely forgotten in your current policy.

In addition, you need to know that in an accident, you and anyone traveling within your rig is fully covered for medical emergencies. You will also want to make sure that you have liability should you be sued while you are parked. Believe it or not, there is a ton of risks that are rarely considered by the non trained RV insurance agent.

My suggestion is to work with someone who knows the RV world, and will make sure you are taken care of properly. Visit RVInsurance.com for a free estimate and suggestions on how to get the right insurance for your RVing lifestyle.

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