Think Outside The Box

In the 18 months that I have lived and traveled in a motorcoach, I have seen a lot of amazing things. From rolling pieces of junk that had to be held together with duck tape and bubble gum to $2.5 million dollar custom mansions, owning an RV means different things to different people.

Here are 5 Amazing Ways To Use An RV.

Number one is the most obvious: owning an RV makes travel easy. Grab the keys to your rig and you're off on the adventure of a lifetime! You can tour the country as you take your kid to college. You can retire, move south and soak up the sun. You can drive to Death Valley, crank up the generator and sip margaritas in the desert. An RV makes travel easy. You are just moments from pulling over and climbing back into bed. Heck, you can even wear your PJ’s while you drive!

Make an RV your tiny home. Need an affordable option in the age of soaring housing prices? Consider a motorhome, trailer or 5th Wheel. An RV is a cross between a tiny house and a rolling home. If you put the two together, you have everything you need to save money. You could stay in a friends backyard or rent a monthly space in an RV park; the choice is up to you. Need some inspiration? Check Pinterest or DIY RV for some amazing before and after pics of RV’s turned into tiny homes.

An RV is the perfect college dorm. The combination of mobility and affordability make a recreational vehicle an excellent choice for many college students. You’d be surprised how many RV parks are near college and universities. Besides, once your student has finished college, the rolling dorm can be sold or brought home. If your student decides to transfer schools, their home away from home can relocate with them. Now that’s cool!

Guests anyone? An RV makes a perfect guest room for a holiday or when unexpected guests come calling. Why move Mom and Dad in when you can provide them with a suite of their own? A recreational vehicle can save your sanity and your marriage just by offering space outside your stick and brick.

Take your business with you! An RV can provide a rolling home for your workshop, boutique or flea market business. Anywhere your RV rolls, you have a business ready for customers. Why pay high prices when it comes to commercial space? Instead, convert an RV and let your business go directly to your clients. A mobile shop is a perfect option for Saturday Markets, food fairs, festivals and even parking lots. The opportunities are endless.

Not convinced? Then you haven’t looked at an RV lately! Owning a motorhome, trailer or fifth wheel is not just for retired folk anymore. Lots of families are traveling the countryside while “road schooling” their kids. Contract workers are rolling from town to town grabbing high wages to work in unusual places. Whatever your passion, an RV may just provide the excitement you need. Give it a try!

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