The Best Apps For RVers

For most people with smartphones, apps are a part of their everyday lives. These handy, convenient and fun tech tools help us with everything from finding dates to losing weight and saving money.

Looking at someone’s smartphone and seeing what apps they have will tell you a lot about them and what’s important in their lives. Some people want fashion and makeup tips from their apps while others just want to play hours and hours of games. But for tech-savvy travelers with an insatiable wanderlust, their apps guide them to excitement and adventure, not to mention the cheapest fuel in town.

When you hit the road in your RV, you’ll want to pack more than just clothes and food – you also need to pack your phone with apps that will make your trip as smooth as possible. From the second you hop into the driver’s seat until you pull back into your driveway, these RV-friendly apps will help you get the most out of your journey.

Before You Hit The Road

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or are about to set out for your first adventure, these apps will help you find the perfect vehicle and show you the ins and outs of your particular RV., free RV Classifieds. Search from over 60,000 new and used RVs of all shapes, sizes and types. Search by location, price, keyword, make, model and any other criteria you can think of. You can even place a free listing on the app if you’re ready to sell your current model and get a new one.

RV Pocket Reference (free). After you’ve found the RV of your dreams, this handy app will teach you everything you need to know about your new purchase. Simply choose your RV type and learn all about the vehicle itself, as well as towing capabilities, RV laws, stabilizing and anything else you could possibly need to know before hitting the road.

On The Road Again

These apps will come in handy before your trip begins, as well as when you get behind the wheel. They’ll help you get to where you’re going safely and quickly, as well as find the best deals when you’re gas tank is getting low.

Google Maps (free). This indispensable navigation app is user-friendly and very reliable. Simply type in your destination and the friendly guide will tell you what turns to make, the fastest routes and how to get around traffic. There’s also an “Explore Around You” option that lets you feel like you’re a local in a new town.

Gas Buddy (free). Traveling in an RV helps you save money on lodging, but you can’t escape paying at the pump. This app helps you find the lowest gas prices around, wherever you find yourself. As the gas gauge starts making its way closer to E, pull up this app and never overpay for gas again.

WeatherBug (free). Never be surprised by severe weather again. Knowing what to expect on the road ahead and at your destination will give you time to prepare for whatever is coming your way. If the weather is going to be good or bad, you’ll be ready to deal with whatever comes your way.

Apps for Your RV

Your recreational vehicle is doing all the heavy lifting, so make sure it’s properly taken care of while you’re out adventuring.

SaniDumps (free). One of the less glamorous aspects of RV travel is emptying the vehicle’s sanitation tanks. This app shows you on a map where RV dump stations are located. If you can’t wait to get to a campground, or you are boondocking, you can make a quick pit stop so your RV can freshen up.

Truma (free). This app will help position your RV in the optimal spot. Just enter your vehicle’s dimensions, and the app will help you place your RV so that it’s perfectly level. It also takes the sun’s position in the sky into account and tells you where to park to make full use of that information to either stay in the sun for heat, access your solar power, or to remain out of the sun in warmer months. Talk about making your campsite easy to navigate! Wow!

Camping And Parking Apps

Part of the fun of traveling in an RV is staying somewhere new. Most RVers like staying in campgrounds if they’re able to, sleeping just steps away from hiking trails and natural splendor. However, you can’t always make it to one of these spots, and you just need a place to park for the night. Whatever your destination, these apps will get you there.

AllStays ($9.99). This is the quintessential camping app. It may cost you a few extra bucks, but it will be priceless to the RV enthusiast. Not only does it provide information about RV parks and campgrounds, but also any other place you can park overnight. From truck stops to Wal-Marts that allow overnight parking, this app will make sure you have a peaceful night’s sleep.

U.S. Public Lands ($2.99). This app shows you where to find land owned by the federal government that is accessible by those traveling in the United States. A lot of this land, which you can camp on and explore, includes land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service among many others. If boondocking is in your future, this app is a must have.

Entertainment Apps

Between the long hours driving and relaxing at the campground or wherever you decide to stay for the night, there is a lot of downtime when traveling in your RV. Sure, you’ll want to explore or enjoy your travel partners’ company, but sometimes you just want to kick back, and these apps will help.

TV Towers USA ($1.99). This app will find nearby broadcasting towers. It will help you position your TV antenna to get the best reception for when you want to kick back and watch some TV on your travels.

Coverage? ($2.99). When you can’t seem to find a signal for your phone, this app will guide you to nearby hotspots. They have the coverage maps of all the major phone service providers, so you can either enter your current location or just search the map and find where you’ll have the best chance of getting a signal.

Yelp (free). Whether you’re visiting a new city or going somewhere for the tenth time, this app allows you explore town like a local and find hidden gems you might not have otherwise known about. Surrounding restaurants, attractions and other businesses are reviewed by customers like you, and other useful information such as hours of operation, menus and photos are available, as well.

Other Noteworthy Apps

Roadtripper (free). Want to explore along the way? Roadtripper seeks out cool attractions to highlight in the area around you. From scenic spots to dining options and RV parks, Roadtripper opens the world of tourism right around you.

Truck Stop Locator (free). Big Rig? No problem. With Truck Stop Locator, you can find easy to navigate fuel pumps with mini marts, cafe’s and laundromats all in the same spot! Truck Stops make the RV life a lot easier, plus many of them allow free overnight parking!

Wi-Fi Finder (free). When you need internet and you need it now! Wi-Fi finder features over 600,000 spots with free or paid public Wi Fi. From coffee shops to laundromats, these unlikely internet-rich locations can help you out in a pinch!

Fuel Log (free). Calculate your mileage, service costs, fuel consumption and more. Everything you need to know is managed in this simple app that helps you keep a tab on your travel expenses.

Sure, you could probably get by without most of these apps on your next trip, but why would you want to? If you decide to try any of them out, you’ll quickly realize how important they all can be to your RV travels. Each and every one of them will maximize not only your enjoyment, but will also make you a better prepared and knowledgeable RVer.

So before you hit the road next time, visit the app store on your smartphone and start downloading these helpful tools. Not only will they help you get the most out of the amazing smartphone, but they’ll enrich your travel experience beyond measure.

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