So You Want To Be An RVer

It was just a year ago that my husband and I bought our first RV. At the beginning of the process, we knew absolutely nothing about RVing; now, one year later, we have learned a ton.

If this article finds you scratching your head, wondering what the difference is between a Class A, B or C Motorhome.

If you wonder if a 5th wheel is better than a Motorhome.

Or if you just want to know which unit is actually an RV.

This series of posts is for you. I like to call it:

RV101- What You Need To Know To Survive And Thrive

Here's what we will cover over the next few weeks:

RVing 101- How To Choose An RV

RVing 101- Types of RV’s

RVing 101- Tips for Buying Your First RV

RVing 101- Tips for Buying A Used RV

RVing 101- The Ultimate RV Buying Checklist

RVing 101 - The Basics: How To Dump, Hook Up and Park

RVing 101- Camping In An RV Park

RVing 101- How To Boondock

RVing 101- Common RV Upgrades That Make Your Life Easier

By the end of this series, you will feel confident and able to make life changing decisions in a single bound. Too much? Well, you will at least know enough to stay out of trouble!

Every RV Story starts somewhere. As an introduction, I would like to share with you my personal journey.

As the child of musicians, I grew up on the road. We traveled full-time until I was 5 and then half time until I was 14. By the time my parents "settled down to a normal life," I had already caught the travel bug. At 16, I began exploring the world with a passion. To me, the idea of an RV always had a certain appeal.

Then I grew up.

Somewhere between getting married, paying the bills and finding a home, my passion to hit the road diminished. Don't get me wrong, I was still traveling; I just wasn't traveling in an RV.

For years, Brian and I casually discussed selling everything and buying our own RV. The problem was, we couldn't figure out how to make money and travel. The only people we knew who RV'ed were retired and we figured that was because they had a form of income.

Throughout my life, I had a set of ongoing inspiration: my grandparents. Both sets of grandparents owned RV's. My Dad’s parents went to Yuma every winter and soaked up the sun. My Mom’s parents traveled with the professional senior rodeo circuit, roping cattle.

Society seemed to say, "work first, then retire and see the world." To me, it seemed backwards. I couldn’t understand why you would wait till the end of your life to do the things you dreamed of when you were young.

In 1997, the invention of the internet changed life for millions of people. Suddenly both young and old could live location independent lives. RV travel finally became an option regardless of age. For us, the opportunity was just too good to pass up.

By the Spring of 2014 we found ourselves completely fed up with life. Our beautiful home had been for sale for three years and no matter what we did, we couldn't sell her. Discouraged, we discussed for the millionth time where we might want to move once the house sold. Should we move to Texas? Should we go back to Oregon? What about North Carolina?

**Dawnya Kitchen Picture**

Then one moment, laying in bed, it hit me. I didn't ever want to feel STUCK again. I was living a life that seemed "normal" to other people. That was it! I was finished owning a lot of stuff. I wanted to GO, GO, GO! I did not want to be tied down to one location.

Brian and I looked at each other and it finally clicked. It was time. In that moment, we decided to skip the career and find a way to live retirement early!

Yep! It was time to buy an RV and hit the open road.

With that decision made, we began the oh so painful process of finding the right rig for our lifestyle. In upcoming articles, I will walk you through the process of determining which RV is right for you. It’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with the process.

**Dawnya's RV**

I will also share with you tips to drastically downsize your life in a hurry (if you dream of full-timing!) We owned two commercial buildings and a home with a total square footage of 13,000 square feet. Our goal? Downsize to just under 400 square feet. Yep. CRAZY.

If you plan to be a weekend warrior, the RV 101 series will still be of value. I will share with you everything fresh from the front lines.

**Dawnya RV & Car**

Since our initial decision 18 months ago, we have sold 95% of our possessions and purchased a Class A MotorCoach and tow trailer. We have traveled through 10 states, lived a few months in two RV parks, explored Boondocking, solar options and work camping. Somewhere in the process, I became a freelance writer for two RV publications and started my own blog, to share the journey.

There are thousands of people living the RV lifestyle. There are snowbirds, work professionals, young singles, and growing families, all with a desire to spread their wings. I am 43 years old, my neighbor on the right is 75. My neighbor on the left is 23. If you haven't already guessed, it's an amazing time to own an RV!

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