RV Living: Real Reasons to Bring Your Furry Friends

Man’s best friend — your dog (or your cat) loves you unconditionally. They wait for you patiently while you’re away and all they ask is to be loved in return — and fed daily.

Having a pet is a major obligation similar to caring for a child. One of the major differences is that your furry friends are incapable of expressing their wants and needs. One thing they almost universally dislike is being left behind. Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are many reasons — including the following — that taking your pets with you when you travel is a good idea.

They Keep You on a Schedule. Traveling usually includes a bit of upset to your normal routine. When you bring Sparky with you, you are likely to maintain a bit of your schedule due to necessity. Your furry friends are used to dinner occurring at a certain time and their toileting habits are unlikely to have changed. Keeping as close to your regular timetable as possible decreases jetlag and makes it easy to resume your schedule when you return from your trip.

They Keep You Company. Pets can be seen as built in entertainment on the road. When you travel with your cats, you always have someone to talk to. They rarely interrupt you and they aren’t likely to complain if you repeat yourself. They’ve already heard the story? They’re still happy to hear it again. Furthermore, they aren’t going to tell you the same story again and they never complain about your driving. Plus, few others love you as unconditionally as your pet does.

They Ensure You Exercise. Cats and dogs require exercise and when you’re traveling, they can’t do it by themselves. Taking frequent walks keeps your Fluffy calmer while within a confined space and reduces the chances that he will make a mess that you’ll have to clean up.

Also, taking your pet on a walk provides you with ample opportunities to explore your surroundings while logging a few miles yourself. Getting sufficient exercise allows you to indulge in a bit of the local cuisine while maintaining your health and ensuring you sleep soundly at night.

They Help You Socialize. With the additional time spent outside walking your pet, you are more likely to become friends with your new neighbors, wherever you are. Additionally, they are a great conversation starter. Even shy people are likely to say “hello” and ask about Princess or Lucky. Then, they will tell you about their most recent or favorite pet and voila! You already have something in common.

They Might Detract Burglars and Vandals. Dogs—and in some cases, cats—make wonderful alarms. Better than any doorbell, a dog will alert you to someone at the door… or near the door… or any where around the door…or perhaps, just passing by. One thing is for sure; you are unlikely to be surprised by the knock of a stranger.

When you step out, your furry friend is a sentinel watching over your belongings. He or she will ferociously warn people away and draw enough attention that those with ill intentions are frightened away. It is much easier to break into an RV that isn’t being guarded by man’s best friend and first alarm system.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the reasons to bring your pets with you on your travels. They prefer to be with you than anywhere else and they add layers of interest and entertainment that you would miss otherwise. Please share with your fellow RVers and animal lovers.

Every animal is different and not all enjoy traveling. We’ve been lucky. For the past two years of full-time RV living, our dogs, Pablo and Gizmo and our cats, Figaro, Chester, and Samwise have joined us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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