Retired: It’s Time To Hit The Road

If retirement is in your near future, you may have wondered what you will do with your free time. Sure, at first you will have a huge list of activities such as fishing, catching up on a good book and seeing family. After three months, most new retirees find themselves bored and listless, wondering why they left their job. The cure? Travel. Travel opens your eyes to a new world of possibilities, and a motorhome is an ultimate way to explore in comfort.

No, you don't NEED a motorhome to travel, but after you've spent time scheduling hotels, packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking, and adjusting to a million different types of beds, an RV might make sense.

With a Motorhome, you don't ever unpack or eat out unless you want to. A motorhome is truly a home on wheels that allows you to explore without ever leaving the comfort of home. Every day you wake up with an entirely new world to explore.

Retiring in a motorhome can be an affordable option if you purchase a slightly used RV. Instead of having a large mortgage payment, you can make your social security stretch a whole lot further with the right RV.

No more property tax. Bye bye landscaping. Hello, freedom.

Don't want to travel all the time? No problem. There are retirement communities all over the southwest that cater to snowbirds who stay for six months or more each season. Ready to rough it? Park on one of the millions of BLM acres owned by the government for little or no cost each winter.

Need to supplement your income? Perfect! You can become a workcamper. Workampers stay in RV parks and help the owners run the property in exchange for a full hookup site and often, hourly pay. What could be better?

Want to volunteer? There are thousands of organizations around the country that offer free RV space in exchange for a helping hand. You can help with bookstores at national campgrounds, animal shelters in the west, historic sites in the south or lighthouses in the east. The opportunities are endless.

Need a mission? Join an RV ministry. RV'ers for Christ offer full-time RVer's short-term projects in Bible Camps throughout 40 states. RV's on a Mission, an outreach of the Church of the Nazarene, needs disaster relief and compassion ministry volunteers who own RV's and are willing and able to travel.

Ready to Build? Join the RV Care-A-Vanners at Habitat for Humanity, and help build a home for someone in need. Volunteers are always needed and their organization is willing to train.

Whatever your passion, retirement doesn't have to be dull. An RV can provide a portal to a whole new life purpose. Why not give it a try?

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