How To Start RVing

There is something baffling about change. It seems we can go through life day after day dreaming about doing something new and exciting. One day, however, we realize if we want to experience something new, we will have to do something different. But what? How do you transform a seemingly traditional stick and brick lifestyle, pack it up and put it on wheels?

The first step, is taking radical action.

1.Set A Date

Change doesn’t happen on it’s own. It must be planned and the plan must be acted upon. Becoming a full-time RVer takes consistent forward action. Setting a date for your new life will help you achieve your dream. Tom and Jane chose to give themselves one year to make the transition. During this year, they knew they had to downsize, sell their home, buy an RV, find mobile friendly part-time work and quit their traditional 9-5 jobs. In the beginning stages, your goal date may seem absolutely impossible, but don’t get overwhelmed. The truth is, deadlines help activate your creativity.

2.Work Backwards

Once you set your goal date, make a master list. This list should contain everything you can possibly think of that must be done. Don’t be surprised if you add to the list everyday as you think of new things. Your list will spawn new lists, but that’s ok. Simply divide your lists into categories and work from there. One of my favorite ways to achieve a big goal is to work backwards from my deadline. Using your master list as reference fill in the biggest tasks that will need to be accomplished before your final date. If you need to sell your house three months before you hit the road, when does that mean you will need to put it on the market? Ask yourself questions like, "if I do this, when do I need to start and finish?" The backward method will allow you to create a variety of mini-goals achievable along the way. In no time, you will be racing toward the day when you pack your bags for the final time!

3.Identify Your Biggest Obstacles

Some steps are bigger than others. The larger the obstacle, the more important it is to give it its own deadline. Items like selling a house, downsizing, finding the right RV and quitting your job require a plan of their own. Set dates in sequence, then make a list of baby steps to overcome each obstacle. For example, if you want to find an RV, what are the steps that you will need to take? When will you need to take those? When do you need to have your RV in order to start full-timing? Questions like this will help you set calendar deadlines.

4.Plan Your Downsize

Downsizing is a big process. Here are a couple hints for making it easier. Ask yourself the ultimate question, "Do I love it?" If not, is it something to donate or sell? If you plan to sell it will you sell it to an individual through an ad or will you sell it at a garage sale? Put it in an appropriate pile. You won’t be able to keep everything you love but over time your true feelings for each item will become apparent. Don’t be afraid to store something for a few months. By the time you come back you may wonder why you ever thought you needed it.

5.Commit And Stick

Excuses keep people in a rut. Don’t allow yourself to veer off course. If your house doesn’t sell, find a way to rent it. If you can’t afford your dream rig, choose something that will work for now. Stick to your commitment to full-time and don’t listen to the negative Nellies. This is your dream and you are responsible to make it happen. Thousands of people have gone through the very steps that are new to you. If you need help, consider chatting on an RV focused forum. You will be amazed at the generous nature of the RV community.

In closing, only YOU can make travel a lifestyle. You won’t wake up one day and find yourself mobile. You have to take action so don’t wait. Start now!

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