Freedom on the Road Part 2: Reasons to Full Time

RVs provide you with a home on wheels. You experience freedom that you don’t often find elsewhere. When repair expenses begin to pile up, however, you miss the stability of a traditional home, or things become inconvenient, it can be difficult to remember why you chose this lifestyle.

For example, last year (right before the holidays) our chase vehicle broke down. We were in the process of relocating and had to leave it with the mechanic for well over a month to have the transmission replaced. This meant that we had to drive our RV everywhere, so parking at a campground didn’t make sense unless we had to fill and dump our water tanks. We were driving our RV around about every two days. If we needed groceries, we drove the RV. If we wanted to eat out, we drove the RV. This was one time that I needed to be reminded of the perks of being a full-time RVer, which include the following:

1. It Provides the Ability to Travel.
To determine whether this lifestyle is for you — or to remind yourself that it is — consider these questions.

Do You Enjoy Traveling? Do you get bored living in one place? If you have been known to spontaneously take off on a road trip, experiencing the country from the captain’s chair in a motorhome may be for you.

Do You Like Being Around Your Significant Other (or Family) 24/7? If you aren’t accustomed to spending long periods of time together, think about the limited space. Will you be able to live in the company of your spouse in a small space? If you aren’t sure, consider beginning with a long trip or by completing a project together. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple and determine whether full-time RVing is for you.

Can You Afford Full-time Travel? This is a rather loaded question and depends on what sort of full-time RVer you want to be. If you intend to get a basic fifth wheel or travel trailer, with a bit of planning and saving, you may be able to buy one outright. This lowers your monthly overhead costs. If, on the other hand, you want a diesel pusher with all of the bells and whistles, the monthly payments may rival your current house payments.

Do you want to reside at campgrounds or simply live life on the go? Both options have their expenses. The cost to rent a lot at an RV park varies by location, length of stay and the length of your rig. Full time traveling requires more fuel, not just to get down the road, but also to power your generator. Either way, you will be responsible for buying propane for heating and cooking, as well as any mobile Internet or satellite costs you may want or need. It’s also recommended to keep additional funds available for maintenance and any repairs required.

2. You Can Travel With the Comforts of Home.

One of the things that convinced me to move full time to an RV was that we would have all of the comforts of home wherever we went. Our bed was our bed and our bed only; no more going from one hotel room to the next. I was also thrilled with the prospect of a full-sized kitchen inside my home on wheels.

3. It Provides a Better Way to Work While You Travel.

Nowadays, more people are choosing to work remotely. If you work from home, you know what service you have and what limitations it has. As long as you’re plugged into shore power or have a generator, you have a ready power source. Additionally, many parks offer Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to use your data plan. Campgound reception isn’t always consistent, though, so you may need to get a signal booster.

4. It Provides Better Places to Stay.
With an RV or camper, you have the freedom to live just about anywhere you want. Take a tour of the country’s best amusement parks or national parks; they nearly always have lots for RV parking. In fact, you can find campgrounds to fit whatever type of accommodations you desire from beautiful scenery and nature trails to deluxe amenities and swimming pools. You can also spend your time “off the grid” boondocking in a scenic desert, alongside a lake, or even in a parking lot at a variety of big box stores all for free!

5. Pets Travel for Free.

With a motorhome, you can bring your pets with you wherever you go whenever you go. And there's no limit on how many you can take along!

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